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Lame spam of the day: Who Is She To You?

This type of phishing spam is seldom worth a glance, but I was drawn in by the subject line and the random capitalization.  An interesting twist in the story is that appears to be a real company. looks like an exact duplicate of that site.  Sender: Malcox Jason [] Subject: Who Is She […]

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Lame spams of the day: LinkedIn phishing

The recent theft of passwords from LinkedIn prompted me to post these spams masquerading as messages from that firm.  The first one made no attempt beyond the Sender name to look like it came from LinkedIn.  The others made a minimal attempt to look like a LinkedIn message and all look like they came from […]

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Lame spam of the day: Facebook notifications

Similar to the notifications from MySpace, Habbo, Tagged, and Foursquare I got a few weeks ago, I’m getting lots of fake Facebook notifications.  According to this article, they’re phishing messages.  Here are a few examples: Sender: Facebook ( Subject: Reminder: Reset your password Text: You recently requested a new password for your Facebook account. It […]

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Lame spam of the day: CitiBank Account Alert

This type of phishing scam is common as dirt, but this example is particularly lame.  First, it includes the sections of CitiBank’s standard notices that would normally include the account holder’s name and the last 4 digits of the account — but they’re blank.  Then there are some typos.  But the really lame part is […]

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Lame spam of the day: Termination of my CPA license

I’m crushed.  I didn’t even know I had a CPA license, and now it’s being revoked.  Over and over (19 times in the past 2 days!).  According to the AICPA’s web site it’s a phishing scam. Unlike most lame spam, at least they bothered to make it look real.  Here’s what they look like (some […]

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Lame spam of the day: FBI and Nigeria still want to send me money

I wrote about a version of this one last year, but the language of this version is so tortured that I have to post it.  No official-looking seal this time. Sender: FBI OFFICE ( Subject: FROM IMF HEAD OFFICE Text: Anti-Terrorist And Monetary Crimes Division FBI Headquarters, Washington, D.C. Federal Bureau Of Investigation J.Edgar Hoover […]

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Lame spam of the day: Please provide your tax information

Just in time for tax filing season in the U.S., a phishing message purporting to come from Intuit.  Intuit’s security center lists lots of these, but not the two I got this week.  Both had empty graphics placeholders and broken hyperlinks — maybe the work of a baby spammer. Sender: INTUIT INC. ( — it […]

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Lame spam of the day: Money from Homeland Security

Yow! Homeland Security wants to send me money (right after they learn to write English).  And it makes perfect sense that they’re working with the United bank of Africa to make sure I get my money.  Watch out for those flying pigs. Sender: Homeland Security Emergency Management Agency/Georgia ( Subject: STATUS OF YOUR TRANSACTION WITH […]

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Lame spam of the day: Rock Cruit/Rockzone Management

I’ve been seeing a bunch of spams trying to prey on job seekers.  Particularly evil in these tough times.  None of them attempts to disguise the URL they’re linking to.  Judging from this writeup, they’re phishing, not downloading malware.  There are at least some novel locutions, like “Hurroo Robert” and “Pass the time of day […]

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Lame spam of the day: free Southwest vouchers

I’ve seen spam like this before (here’s an example using Facebook), and it might have a chance if they’d just used the first sentence.  But they also used some random text generator that makes the message gibberish.  A baby spammer taking his first steps? Sender: Subject: blank Text: To: Facebook User, Southwest is giving […]

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