I've been using Tungle for years to share my calendar with colleagues and clients.  It allowed them to view my availability online and propose meetings as if we were all on the same calendaring system.  Unfortunately, RIM bought Tungle in 2011 and it started to decline.  Appointments would no longer sync reliably with Outlook, I'd get strange error messages from the connector plug-in, and the company stopped providing tech support.  Now they've announced that Tungle will be shut down on December 3rd.  Hence I've been looking for alternatives.

I found this article listing possible replacements for Tungle (ScheduleOnce, TimeBridge, Meetifyr, Bookeo, Acuity Scheduling, TimeTrade, and Book’d).  TimeBridge looked promising since it integrates with both Outlook and Google.  But I found several articles saying that, like Tungle, TimeBridge had been acquired, service had degraded, and its future was uncertain.  I don't know if that's true, but rather than take a chance I kept looking.  I signed up for TimeTrade, but it looks like it's closer in functionality to Doodle and MeetingWizard.  I love those tools, but they don't allow someone to browse my calendar for availability.  Some of the others on the list mystified me.  I couldn't tell what they'd cost, or I couldn't tell whether they'd integrate with Outlook or Google, or I couldn't tell whether they'd provide a web page where people could browse my schedule and propose meetings, or all of the above. 

For now I've settled on the free version of ScheduleOnce.  It looks like it has more features than Tungle and offers the same ability for me to share my calendar with others (not the details, just the available times).

Any Tungle users out there with other alternatives to suggest?