I just wrote a guest blog post for NTEN on the topic of moving from an accidental techie role to a leadership role.  Last July, Holly Ross wrote that it was time to retire the phrase "accidental techie". She said, "it's not very nice to call anyone an accidental anything. What's really gotten under my skin lately, though, is that as long as someone is an 'accidental' techie, they're going to have a heck of a time being taken seriously."

I agreed, but only to an extent. On one hand, those who decide that technology will be their vocations need to push for roles and titles that reflect what they really do. They're ready to graduate from their apprenticeships. But many accidental techies don't want to become intentional/professional/full-time techies. And some may love the tech part of their jobs, but it will remain a small, incidental (accidental?) part of what they do.

My article is meant for those who want to stop being accidental and move into a technology leadership role.  Here's what I had to say: http://rlweiner.com/nten/accidental-techies-technology-leader.pdf