I got a dozen spams today claiming to come from the FDIC.  Here are details on the exploit.  The spammers at least took the trouble to use the FDIC logo, but didn't bother to make the random sender addresses look like legitimate FDIC addresses.  The truly lame part is that the text is pale blue on white and is completely unreadable.  The only legible parts of the messages are the logo, footer, and hyperlink.  And why would an individual even be getting email from the FDIC. Are they hoping to randomly hit banking staff? 


FDIC [emilwy957@buhrmann.com]
FDIC [browbeatsklm99@buhrmann.com]
FDIC [broncos6@deltamar.net]
FDIC [currencies3@bmatter.com]
FDIC [bagelsub06@atayatirim.com.tr]
FDIC [hauntingtn8562@pacunion.com]
FDIC [feuding9@marston.com]
FDIC [megabytesb6@multiform.at]
FDIC [impededvqa714@williamsguitarcompany.com]
FDIC [nauruqe@etisbew.com]
FDIC [mow@ritenour.k12.mo.us]
FDIC [treblessh@canaca.com]
FDIC [detroitk7@financial-tracking.com]


Your transaction were blocked
Blocked transactions
Transactions stopped
Your activity is suspended
Your transaction were suspended
ACH and Wire transactions not allowed
Urgent! New security software is should be installed!
Urgent! New security software, should be updated!
Urgent! New security software, update required!
New security version
New security updates
Expiration of your Security version


Your ability to send ACH transactions has been provisionally withhold for your security, because of the expiration of your security version. Please install the updated installations, by following link for udpade.

As soon as update being installed, your account complete functionality will be entirely resumed.

Here's an example: