Hey, spammers: how about deduping your mailing lists?  I got 22 of these on Monday. This article says they're malware delivery devices.

These spams aren't 100% lame -- at least they included a logo and some design elements.  But the From: address is obviously not from Intuit and text is pretty lame: "Your Intuit GoPayment statement for ONTIMEE SOFTWARE, DEVELOPMENTS has been accepted."  "This is Very Important lets you:" "If you still did not, download the Intuit application."

I'm not going to list all 22 senders. They look like this:

Intuit GoPayment [frizzedlk5@iicbelgium.com]

The subjects were as follows, plus either Intuit Merchant or Intuit GoPayment:(e.g., "you've been granted access for Intuit GoPayment"):

Welcome - you're approved for
Congrats - you're been granted access for
Congratulations - you're been granted access for

The text looks like this, with variations in the account number and how the "Manage your payment service" hyperlink is phrased.

New Respective Client!
Your Intuit GoPayment statement for ONTIMEE SOFTWARE, DEVELOPMENTS has been accepted.
Your Account No.:  XXXXXXXXXXXXXX34
Email Address:  lists@rlweiner.com

Additional costs for this service may be applied now.

Next step: Access to confirm your Access ID

This is Very Important lets you:
Manage your payment service in the Merchant Service Center

Process fees
Log In to other Intuit products you may use, like TurboTax, Quicken, and Intuit Payroll

The good news is you have active an existing Intuit account for your email address, You can use this ID for your payment service too, or enter a new one.
Check UserID

Get started:

Step 1: If you still did not, download the Intuit application.

Step 2: Launch the GoPayment programm and sign in with the AccesID (your email address) and Password you setup.

Easily Control Your GoPayment Account
The Intuit Merchant Center is the website where you can find about GoPayment features, customize your sales receipt and add GoPayment users. You can also review transactions, deposits and fees. Visit this link and signin with your GoPayment User ID (your email address) and Password.

For more information on how to get started using Intuit GoPayment Merchant, including tutorials, FAQs and other resources, visit the Merchant Center at web site.

Please DO NOT reply to this message. auto-notification system can't accept incoming mail.

Here's a screenshot: