It's been a while since I got a spam message that rose to the level of true lameness (maybe because I've improved my anti-spam tools), but this one hit the target.  It's bad enough that the formatting of the first third is truly ugly (scroll to the bottom to see an image), it says someone named Raynan with my email address asked them to send me the message, the text of the newsletter includes the line "want facebook money?", and the links don't even try to look like they're legit.  But the real clincher is that the subject line says it's a newsletter from March, 2008.

Sender: Lehman Brothers Centre for Woman in Business []

To: Subscriber

Subject: Lehman Brothers Centre for Women in Business March 2008 Newsletter

Here's the intro text:

Dear Subscriber,

Raynan ( ) has asked us to send you this email. If you would like to subscribe to future Lehman Brothers Centre for Woman in Business mailings, please click the following link: Subscribe .

HIT this link NOW and check your balance again in a few hours.

> [link deleted] <<===

I accessed my closest members accounts and added this for you.

> [link deleted] <<===

or want facebook money? ==>
> [link deleted] <<==

Welcome to the Lehman Brothers Centre for Women in Business at London Business School's Newsletter. The Centre has gone from strength to strength since its research agenda was officially launched on 1st November 2006 and we are delighted to keep you up-to-date with our research reports and activities.
Newsletter London experience. World impact.



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