Here's another set of spams claiming to come from Inuit.  An earlier batch asked me to provide my tax information.  This batch confirms my non-existent purchases with links to download my order, reorder checks, and submit feedback.  It looks official, with an Intuit logo and nice formatting.  I got 6 variants today, with subject lines:
Your invoice.
Your order confirmation.
Your order status.
Your order.
Your software order.
Your Quickbooks software order.

The senders were:

The links in the messages lead to:

The text varied slightly but was along the lines of this one:
Dear Customer:

Thank you for purchasing your software Intuit Market. We are processing and will let you know when your order is shipped to you. If you ordered multiple items, we may process them in more than one delivery (at no extra cost to you) to provide faster processing time.

If you have questions about your order, please call 1-800-955-8890.


Please download your complete order
id #656185854671 information at Intuit small business website.


• Email us at
• Call us at 1-800-955-8890.
• Reorder Intuit Checks Quickly and Easily starting with the information from your previous order.

To help us better serve your needs, please take
a few minutes to let us know how we are doing.
Submit your feedback here.

Thanks again for your order,

Intuit Market Customer Service