My inbox has been polluted by a rash of these this week.  They're so badly formatted, it's hard to believe anyone would fall for them.  The spammers haven't even tried to make the reply-to address look legit.  Some have a sender name from UPS but use the FedEx logo.  Like this site, I'm assuming these are malware delivery devices, but don't intend to experiment. 

The senders have included:

U.P.S.Service []

logistics UPS []

UPS Mail []

UPS Office []

First-Class logistics []

First-Class logistics []

First-Class Mail Postal Service []

The subjects have looked like:

Number (A)BQQ16 414 272 1170 9681

Tracking Detail (P)LAQ53 129 880 0685 1561

ID (O)JB19 720 719 5134 5558

Here are three examples of the format: