I got a bunch of these this week.  I don't know what happens if you click the links, but they look like malware delivery vehicles.  They included a variety of graphics that look like typical credit score spam, but the sender addresses are obviously faked and the links look like they point to hacked WordPress sites like nbouhout.astblogs.org//wp-content/themes/trulyminimal/includes/framework/plugins/score_for_free.html.


Credit Masters [flaredx379@blomnet.com]

Credit Score Free [olivero6@deltamar.net]

Credit Report Center [afforest084@blomnet.com]

Credit Check 2013 [impatientg8@clickz.com]

Credit Masters [hillel6@ef-law.com]

Credit Check 2013 [tangosnqt805@cochamber.com]

Credit Report System [teasest090@glgmc.org]

Credit Masters [obeisancesb3@pado.com.br]

Credit Report Center [stepbrotherssr89@ritenour.k12.mo.us]

Credit Report Center [scavenger3385@lsinter.net]

Credit Score Free [midsthk0@polysto.com]

Credit Masters [percentilea9@davisandsons.net]

Credit Score Free [timeworn@financial-tracking.com]


Your TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian Scores Have Updated

Your TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian Scores Have Changed

Your TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian Scores Have Decreased

Important: Your Score Report  Just Changed

Warning: Your Report  Just Changed

Your Score May have been Changed - please take a look

Your Score Apparently Changed - please browse online

Your Score May have been Increased - please overview

Your Score May be Increased - please overview

Warning: Your Credit Score  Just Changed

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Get Your 3 Credit Scores Today


The text looks like the following, but the first line and details like the ID and "Report creating time" vary.  The first lines read:

Your score apparently decreased!

Your credit score probably increased!

Your score apparently changed!

Your score apparently increased!
Your score may have been increased!

Your score apparently updated!

Your credit score probably changed!

Here's what followed in one version (the English is better in some versions):

- Browse this link to see eventua changes
- Click this link to see fresh credit score updates as of December 18th, 2012
Browse your score fast!
Report creating time: 12 seconds
Score Team

Here's a screen shot showing one of the many graphics they included: