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Lame spams of the day: More people sending me money

Even more people want to send me money. Here are a few examples: Sender: Authorize.Net ( Subject: Successful Credit Card Settlement Report Text: Dear Customer, The following is your Credit Card settlement report for Tuesday, August 14, 2012. Transaction Volume Statistics for Settlement Batch dated 14-Aug-2012 Batch ID: 320541579 Business Day: 14-Aug-2012 Net Batch Total: […]

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Tales of faux donors scamming charities

The following is a compilation of online discussions of faux donors trying to scam colleges, schools, and nonprofits. In most cases it’s not clear what the scammers are trying to achieve. Maybe they’re just practical jokes. These tales were provided by Barbara Esteve at Cedar Crest College, Roylene Gallas at the Little City Foundation, Don […]

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Creative credit card donation scam

Since this scam is on the rebound I’m republishing the following: A friend forwarded the following description of a scam aimed at a well-known college.  Fortunately, they didn’t fall for it.  I would like to make everyone aware of a recent situation here that is most likely a scam to launder stolen credit card funds, […]

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