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Lame spams of the day: another roundup

Here’s a selection of messages from spammers who don’t even seem to be trying — no graphics, no attempt to make the links look legit, plain text.  Are these spammers just lazy or do these things actually work?  Bottom line: think before you click.  Hover your mouse over URLs and see where they lead.  And […]

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Lame spam of the day: FDIC Transactions stopped

I got a dozen spams today claiming to come from the FDIC.  Here are details on the exploit.  The spammers at least took the trouble to use the FDIC logo, but didn’t bother to make the random sender addresses look like legitimate FDIC addresses.  The truly lame part is that the text is pale blue […]

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Lame spam of the day: Charter flight reservation

This looks similar to the American Airlines spam, but lamer.  How many people 1) have secretaries (not me) and 2) charter airplanes (again, not me).  I got two versions of this.  One claimed to come from LinkedIn — which would be a major change in their business model.  Neither one had any graphics or formatting.  […]

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Lame spam of the day: I’m in trouble!

Don’t people know not to click links in weird emails from strangers?  Probably not. This site says the link leads to malware. Sender: (My domain — no Svetlanas work at my company) Subject: Fwd: I’m in trouble! Text: I was at a party, got drunk, couldn’t drive the car, somebody gave me a lift […]

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Lame spam of the day: NYC traffic ticket

This is the first one like this I’ve seen — a speeding ticket.  If I’d driven in New York in October I might be curious enough to click (well, I wouldn’t, but someone might).  Apparently this one has been floating around for a while and delivers malware. Sender: (me!) Subject: Fwd: Re: TRAFFIC TICKET […]

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Lame spam of the day: The variant of the contract you’ve offered has been delcined.

I just love the subject line in this one.  Wow, very creative syntax (though the misspelling of “declined” lessens the impact).  I also got a second version, but the subject was much more prosaic.  This blog says the links download malware. Version 1: Sender: Argelia Vogel ( Subject: The variant of the contract you’ve offered […]

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Lame spam of the day: BBB service Re: Case # (various numbers)

I got 7 versions of this today, at 2 different email addresses.  They included an attachment called bbb_logo.jpg but no graphics in the message body.  A friend posted about them on a listserve and said that clicking the link downloads a virus. This scam has been around for a while.  Here’s an article about a […]

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Downadup Worm on the Rampage

Internet security firm F-Secure has estimated that more than 3.5 million computers have been infected with the Downadup worm, a malicious program. The worm, also known as Conficker, uses a major flaw that Microsoft patched in October to remotely compromise computers running unpatched versions of Windows. Infected computers become members of a worldwide botnet. F-Secure […]

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